Kelbly’s Rifle Range is a membership only range that is privately owned.

Range Hours


7 Days a week, 8 AM to Dusk.

We are closed two weeks in May for the Firearms Industry Super Shoot with normally 300 + competitors from around the world.

We have the following ranges available :

  • 15 Foot CCW range
  • 25 yard pistol, rifle, shotgun range
  • 50 yard pistol, rifle, shotgun range
  • 100, 200 yard rifle range
  • All ranges have covered firing points with concrete or wooden benches

Membership Fees

First year - $250 + tax

Renewal years - $175 + tax

Membership includes spouse and kids under 18, in college, or active military service. NO GUESTS

Rules & Regulations

Members Only

1. Safety First is a must with all rifles and pistols on the range.
2. All rifles' actions are to be open unless actually being fired or the weapon is cased.
3. All semi-automatic rifles shall be shot single shot or if clip is used, you cannot fire shots any faster than 1 shot every 5 seconds.
4. Absolutely no automatic weapons allowed.
5. Absolutely no 50 caliber BMG allowed.
6. Absolutely no pistols or 22 rimfire weapons on the 100 and 200 yard ranges.
7. Absolutely no trap or skeet shooting allowed anywhere on the farm.
8. Absolutely no hunting allowed anywhere on the farm.
9. Fire only at paper targets attached to the target frames. Leave your cans, jugs, etc., at home.
10. Place your targets so as not to fire through the target frames and supporting posts.
11. No targets are to be placed at intermediate distances.
12. All firing is to be done from the established firing lines.
13. Before going to the target frames, clear with all shooters on the firing line. (Be cautions with those wearing sound arrestors and people that may be hard of hearing as they may not hear you.)
14. After returning from the target frames, be absolutely certain all is clear before commencing to fire.
15. Be considerate - if you use a spotting scope and have no need to go to the target frames, give those without a spotting scope a chance to check their targets. On the other hand - those without a spotting scope should not expect to run to the target frames after each shot or two.
16. The use of the range should be considered a privilege and should not be abused. There are many people (anti-gunners) looking for reasons to remove both range and guns. The Club needs your support to help defeat those people.
17. Members caught breaking any of the above rules and regulations will be barred from the range.
18. It is recommended that all shooters wear ear and eye protection.