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My Panda

I wanted to tell you all again how happy I am with my Panda Shot this last weekend SE regionals Made a rookie mistake and didn't check my gun weight and it was 1.2oz heavy cost me a shot at the world records and the LV yardage as well as the LV grand. Bad thing is I asked them to weigh it. I had 4oz in the butt. I walked by the scales all week just didn't enter my mind to check it Took weight out and won the LV200 and would have had a shot at the LV grand world record They gave me a copy of the score sheet before they dqed me

Thanks again for a great action - Tim

6.5 GWI

Hope all is well and wanted to share with you some of my experiences with getting the rifle dialed in. The rifle is mounted with a NF ATACR F1 5-25x56 and shoot both unsuppressed and suppressed with a TBAC 30P-1 can. To date I have 125 rounds through the rifle and after some experimenting with different powder loads and brass prep finally have the rifle dialed in. I first fire formed 25 Lapua cases in order to perform an OCW test. Best results were obtained with 46.3 grains of H4350. Groups were good but not as tight as I wanted. The neck wall thickness of the Lapua cases ranged from .0155-.0160. Based on the neck diameter of the fired cases I suspected that I might have been experiencing some drag due to the small amount of clearance. I turned the necks on 25 new cases to .0135, fire formed them and reloaded with 46.3 grains of H4350, BR-2 primers with COAL of 2.92”. Groups dramatically improved with groups sub .5 MOA and better with some of the shots going through the same hole of a previous shot. Trued MV at 1000 yards which indicated a MV of 2838fps at 62 degrees and DA of 5890. Offset with the can is .5mils low with no noticeable change in MV.

The rifle handles and tracks well with the McRee stock allowing for quick follow up shots. The action cycles smoothly even with fully loaded mags. It took some trial and error to get it dialed in but very satisfied with the build. Lots of positive comments from folks at the range on the rifle and will send some picture of the setup in the near future.

- John D

Panda F-Class

Kelbly's have made three for me in 6 dasher & I could not ask for any thing better service & product.

- Steve


About a year ago I heard about the 6.5X55GWI and bought a die set from you so I thought I give you an update on my project. I've had a swede for over 20 years but am always trying something new. My goal was a accurate long range hunting rifle. I started with a pawn shop Rem 700 added a 3# 26 inch brux barrel, timney trigger, Bell Carlson stock and topped it with a Leupold scope. I ended up with a sub 1/2 MOA 8 pound hunting rifle. I am really please with IMRs new 7977 powder. It is sending my 140 JLKs at just over 3000 fps with superb accuracy. Several years ago when my son turned 12 and could hunt big game I had a 6.5X55 TC encore barrel made and cut down a stock to fit him which worked great till he out grew it. Since I wasn't using this barrel any more I had it chambered to a GWI too and have been using it to fireform my brass. Using about 34 gr of Varget and a 140 gr bullet the brass comes out looking like a unfired longer version of 6.5X47 brass. My local smith that did the work on it is impressed and said it's shooting faster than 75% of the 6.5-284s he has built and with less powder.

Thanks a lot,