The Nanook MG rifle is the ultimate hunting rifle for long range medium to big game hunters. This rifle features components to reduce weight while maintaining the accuracy needed for hunting. It uses our all new lightweight Nanook action that is completely integral but only weighing in at 26.5 ozs., and connected to a super crisp Bix N Andy Dakota trigger set at a crisp 2.5 pounds. The Preferred Carbon barrel gives ultimate 3 shot accuracy needed for hunting. The XLR Element 4.0 MG chassis is made from magnesium with a carbon fiber hand grip and buttstock to save those precious ounces for packing the rifle, and has a folding buttstock for easier packing. The Nanook MG is made to overcome all obstacles you may face while on the hunt of your lifetime!

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Sub-MOA 3 shot accuracy guarantee with match grade ammunition. + Muzzle threaded 5/8-24 + Kelbly Klaw Muzzle Brake included + Bix N Andy Trigger set at a super crisp 2.5 pounds with a top safety + Fluted bolt body + Integral .250” Recoil Lug + Integral 35 MOA Picatinny Rail + .750” Bolt Diameter + Rifle weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces + BlackNitride finish on action for extreme durability and increased slickness of bolt cycling + Kelbly Lifetime Warranty


+ XLR Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis in Tungsten Gray + Folding Stock + Carbon Fiber Butt Stock + Carbon Fiber Hand Grip + Five Round Accurate Magazine + Adjustable Cheekpiece + Flush Cups + Full Length ARCA Rail + M-LOK Slots on Fore-End + Lifetime XLR Warranty


+ Preferred Carbon Barrel + Ultimate Weight Savings + Free Floating Barrel + Precision Air Gauged +5/8-24 Muzzle Threads +26” Length + Heavy Palma Contour + Recessed Flat Target Crown


+ Nanook action + All Integral + 35 MOA Picatinny + Body made of 416R, bolt made of 4140 + Includes Teardrop bolt knob + Proven highly accurate two lug design + Proper ignition proven by over 90 World Accuracy Records


+ .300 PRC + 7mm PRC + .300 Norma Magnum + .338 Lapua Magnum