Atlas Tactical Action

SA - $1199

LA - $1199

(Atlas actions are Remington® semi clone)


The Atlas Tactical action is a Remington semi-clone action, featuring a side bolt release and trigger hanger. There is little modification necessary to use a Remington 700/40x stock or chassis.

We made the most rugged action possible for practical, tactical, or hunting. We use a Black Nitride finish from H&M Metal Processing. This allows you to use this action “dry” or without lubrication for extreme environments. As always it is best to use lubrication in normal day to day shooting. In addition to the Black Nitride process we use a fluted bolt, to help move dirt into the flutes allowing better function of the action.

We cut the magazine well to use the Accuracy International single stack magazines. One of the key features of this action is the TG ejector, it is a mechanical ejector that does not put any chamber pressure on the round. It is also a “never fail” setup, meaning that there are no springs to get gummed up and stop working.

We offer an Extreme Duty Bolt Stop, that bolts to the side of the action via a 6/48 screw. It is truly the most reliable bolt stop upgrade on the market!

We finish it all off with a pinned 20 MOA Picatinny 1913 MIL-SPEC rail, a dual pin recoil lug, and a tactical bolt knob.


  • Weight: 29.5 oz.
  • Length: 7.860 in.
  • Diameter: 1.355 in.
  • Bolt Faces: .223, .308, Mag (.532)
  • Bolt Head: Coned, Flat
  • Right Bolt - Right Port  OR  Left Bolt - Left Port ONLY
  • Head-Space: .692 in.


Atlas Dimensions


Barrel Tenon Dimensions


Long Atlas Specifications

  • Weight: 33 oz.
  • Length: 8.7100 in.
  • Diameter: 1.355 in.
  • Bolt Faces: 308, Mag. (.532)
  • Bolt Head: Flat
  • Bolt: Left, Right
  • Port: Left, Right
  • Head-Space: .692 in.

Long Atlas Dimensions


Long Atlas - Barrel Tenon Dimensions


Chambering Instructions

When chambering for a Panda, Kodiak or Grizzly barrel cut the tenon 1.0625” in diameter by 1.115” for a cone bolt action or 0.980” for a flat bolt action. For an Atlas barrel cut the tenon 1.0625” in diameter by 0.692” for a cone bolt action or 0.557” for a flat bolt action. It is recommended that the first 0.110“ from the rear of the barrel be turned to 0.966” diameter. Leave the rear end of the barrel square for now.

Thread the tenon 1.0625 inches in diameter by 18 threads per inch. If you are using the three-wire method to measure the threads, the measurement should be 1.0715” plus 0.0000“, minus 0.0020” using 0.032” wires.

For zero headspace on a cone bolt run the chambering reamer in until the head-space gauge is flush with the rear of the barrel. For zero headspace on a flat bolt run the chambering reamer in until the measurement from the base of the head-space gauge to the shoulder of the barrel is 1.115” for Panda, Kodiak and Grizzly actions or 0.692“ for Atlas actions.

For a cone bolt set the compound feed of the lathe to 30 degrees. Touch the tool to be used for cutting the cone at the chamber edge and lock the zeroed saddle stop against the saddle. Now back off the stop 0.135”. Using the compound feed only, cut the cone. This should give approximately 0.007” – 0.010” of space between the bolt and the barrel. On a 338 Lapua Mag. barrel the cone will cut away some of the length if a smaller diameter section is turned at the rear. This will leave the tenon closer to 1.089” in length with a 0.966” diameter rear section.

For actions with a removeable recoil lug add the thickness of the recoil lug to the tenon and headspace length. For example: an Atlas flat bolt action with a 0.250” recoil lug would have a 0.557“ + 0.250” = 0.807” tenon length and a 0.692“ + 0.250” = 0.942” headspace length.