Kelbly's Lifetime Warranty

This warranty covers any of Kelbly’s Rifles, Actions, Stocks, and Scope Rings. We have always stood behind our products 100%, we decided it is time to put it into writing for you our beloved customers. We will back everything but the longevity of your barrel and firing pin springs, as we all know barrels and firing pin springs have a lifespan and are expendable in the competition shooting scene. That means if you break it in any fashion, we will fix it no questions asked. We build the best rifle products in the world and you deserve to know that your rifle company won’t let you down!

Warranty Contact Information:

Kelbly’s Inc.
7222 Dalton Fox Lake Road
North Lawrence, OH 44666

Phone: 330-683-4674
Fax: 330-682-7349
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]