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  • Kelbly Barricade Stop

    Kelbly Barricade StopKelbly Barricade StopKelbly Barricade Stop
    Kelbly Barricade Stop


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    Kelbly Barricade Stop

    Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. Black Anodized Finish

    Quick attach and detach spring for easy mounting on Picatinny Rails

    Easily supports 250 pounds hanging from it. Perfect for round, square, and odd shaped barricades. Use backwards for any roof stages, to hold yourself onto the roof. 

    Pro Tips: 

    For extra grip on the Kelbly Barricade Stop, cut and install skateboard deck tape.

    For odd angle shots, use a Short Action Precision Run n Gun Bag and support the bag with the Kelbly Barricade stop. This eliminates the bag sliding back towards the shooter when loading into the barricade.