Kelbly Spare Parts Kit with Flambeau Waterproof case


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Kelbly Spare Parts Kit with Flambeau WaterProof Case

Comes with 


1- Complete Firing pin either .068″ or .075″ Tip diameter and in Short or Long Action 

2- Firing Pin Springs (Short or Long)

1- Extreme Duty Bolt Stop (Only for Atlas)

1- Extractor Kit (.222,.308, or .532) (Coned Boltface or Flat Boltface)

5- Bolt Stops Screws (Atlas or Panda/Kodiak/GrizzlyII)

10- Rail Screws/ Trigger Hanger Screws (6×48 or 8×40)

1- Trigger Hanger (Atlas or Panda/Kodiak/ GrizzlyII) Call in if you would like offset hangers

1- Kelbly Ejector or Kelbly Tilted Ejector 

1- Grease Tube

1- Kelbly Sticker