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Match Data

The competitors on these lists were obtained from the “Winners Lists” (usually the top five) of various shooting competitions who used a rifle built on a Kelbly action or a rifle that was completely built by us. To the best of our knowledge, we are one of the VERY FEW action builders that can and will provide a complete custom made high-performance rifle to get you going for competitions, tactical shooting, or hunting. Other action builders provide only an action, leaving you on your own to put a complete rifle together.

Our rifles have been winning competitions and breaking world accuracy records since the 1970s, with numerous world records broken/re-set on actions/rifles we built. We sometimes get asked how our actions and/or rifles perform. The typical questions are: “What kind of results can I expect if I do my part?”, or “Are Kelbly rifles winning matches?” Well, the short answer is that Kelbly actions and rifles are among the very best out there – here are some results from registered matches, shot in all weather conditions: rain, wind, etc., meaning real world conditions – no internet BS or groups that exclude “fliers”, just the results of registered, (meaning properly supervised, measured, and witnessed) matches. The source of each event and results is included, so you can reference the source material yourself to verify. The group and score data you see are typically 25 or 50 shot aggregates, not the 3 or 5 shot groups you typically see in magazine articles and/or internet forums.

For your information – ALL of our rifles are built to the same exacting standards (±.002 – that’s plus or minus two one-thousandths of an inch!), that’s how we get the switch-barrel capability and why so many of our rifles are sub-½ and even sub-¼ MOA accurate. There are NO factory rifles built to that level of precision, regardless of what you read on the internet. All of our rifles are capable of performing at the levels you see in the competition results, if the shooter is capable and does their part.

Note – Although match directors keep good records regarding scores and groups, few maintain complete equipment lists – meaning that there are MANY more competitors out there winning with Kelbly rifles that we couldn’t find and/or independently verify.

Winners Only Data Set: United States: Short-range disciplines (NBRSA data)

(NBRSA = National Benchrest Shooters Association)

Winners Only Data Set: United States: Long-range disciplines (IBS data)

(IBS = International Benchrest Shooters)

Full Data Set: United States: Short-range disciplines (NBRSA Data)

(NBRSA = National Benchrest Shooters Association)

Full Data Set: United States: Long-range disciplines (IBS Data)

(IBS = International Benchrest Shooters)