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The Kelbly Advantage

Satisfied Customer Stories

Pending World Record

Good morning Ian, just thought I'd let yall know January in an unsanctioned match I shot an HG agg of 1.230 @ 600yds, which would have been a record, this past Saturday I backed that with a 1.298 for a new pending heavy gun agg record! The Saturday before set highest score in 39 yrs at the Bullseye annual groundhog match , all using Kelbly actions polar and panda.

- Jeff Godfrey

Kelbly F-Class Rifle

My Kelbly F-Class Rifle

My name is Randy Littleton and I wanted to thank you for a fine product.

I shoot F-Class and was fortunate enough to win the F-T/R mid range national championship in September in Raton, New Mexico.

I purchased this rifle earlier this year from Peter Ackerson (he switched from F-T/R to F-Open and sold me his F-T/R rifle). You built the rifle for Peter with a Panda action and I believe it is the KTS stock. This rifle is the most accurate that I own!

My aggregate score at the mid-range national championship apparently is a pending national record.

My aggregate was 1790-104x. The current record for National Championship Mid-Range Aggregate Course is 1788-109x.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for a fine product!

- Randy Littleton

Kelbly F-Class Panda

My Kelbly F-Class Panda Action

Hello Ian,

I shoot the F-Class Panda LA in .284 Win.

I won the Nevada State Long Range Championship on May 27th

At the 2018 Emerald Classic in Ireland June 6-11 I won the following:

Day 1:

3rd place - 900 yards

3rd place - overall Day One

Day 2:

3rd place - 800 yards

1st place - 900 yards

2nd place - 1000 yards

1st place overall - Day 2

1st place overall Individual Grand Agg

Day 3:

1st place overall Team Event with Team "Red, White and Blue"

Kelbly Panda 6BR

My Kelbly Panda Action

Hello, Jim

First, I have to apologize for the fact that it took me so long to thank you for the good advice to solve my glued Panda Big Bore Action.

The expansion has worked very well and the new stock (GRS Kelbly X-Eater) fits perfectly.

Attached I send you the promised photo of me with my panda f-glass rifle today. With this rifle I was very successful at the German Championships of the BDS (1st place, 300 m, senior class). The panda is in caliber 6 mm BR.

Best regards

- Joachim

Kelbly Tactical 338LM in action

My Kelbly .338 LM Action

Dear Ian,

I'm aware most of your customers are PRS competitors and enjoy great success with your rifles and actions. The purpose for my video was to convey not only the outstanding performance exhibited by your rifle/action but also to illustrate how it is a thing of beauty. Shooting the rifle has afforded me the appreciation for the forethought Kelbly Inc. exercised to carefully combine all the components (barrel/action/stock/trigger) into a singular design that achieves incredible precision. Honestly, it remains one of the few things in my life that was well worth the price and wait. Feel free to share my comments/vid/pics as testimony for your craftsmanship.

Here is a video of my Kelbly Tactical 338LM in action:

- Mars

Great Atlas Action

My Kelbly Atlas Action

I’ve been shooting this great Atlas Action 6br for 2 years now. The barrel is a Krieger and the stock work was done by Walt Frear. It is crazy accurate! At 100 yards, it shoots in the low .2’s or less when I’m having a rough day! I even load gentle loads as I want this thing to last. I’ll probably order another action from you during the future just because it was so much fun to build this thing. I hope to put together an additional “super rifle” someday. Life is too short to just have one of these.

I have yet to come across a finer steel (or stainless) round action available anywhere! It looks and feels like a million dollars! IMO- When used with flawless pillar bedding, the 3 action screws give it an edge over any Remington action in addition to the other “700 SA clones” currently available by other manufacturers.

- Aurelius

Extremely Happy with the Kelbly Tactical Action

My Kelbly Tactical Action

Just thought I’d share with you.

Extremely happy with the Kelbly tactical Action, just finished my build, Bartlein Barrel, Jewel Trigger and done minimal load-development.

This rifle shoots amazing with your action, just love it!!

See attached groups, three shots 100m , sub ¼ inch.



- Anthony

My Panda

My Kelbly Panda Action

I wanted to tell you all again how happy I am with my Panda Shot this last weekend SE regionals Made a rookie mistake and didn't check my gun weight and it was 1.2oz heavy cost me a shot at the world records and the LV yardage as well as the LV grand. Bad thing is I asked them to weigh it. I had 4oz in the butt. I walked by the scales all week just didn't enter my mind to check it Took weight out and won the LV200 and would have had a shot at the LV grand world record They gave me a copy of the score sheet before they dqed me.

Thanks again for a great action

- Tim

Thanks for a killer barrel!

thanks for a killer barrel!

Just wanted to say thanks for a killer barrel! With virgin brass and very little load development, I shot it in the Camp Atterbury Long Range Regional. I ended up winning the regional with a 991-50x as well as setting the new high police national record at 1,000 with a 200-12x. Mike Plunket, also shooting a Kelbly rifle, won the overall F-TR. Thanks again!

- Cody

First Shoot with NEW Kelbly Rifle

First Competition Win

First shoot with my new Kelbly 260! First competition win...AWESOME...feeling very stoked! Thanks for building me the perfect rifle!

- Dirk

Another World Record...

World Record

Hello Ryan

Following my phone call about the publish records set with Kelbly's equipment on your site attached a couple of photos of mine shot on May 1st 1997 homologated by NBRSA as a record in meters. I used my Panda on Adamovich stock, Hart barrel chambered by Kelbly, Euber bullets and Vithavuori powder.

Kind regards


Big Buck

Big Deer

The deer was taken last weekend from a game ranch north of college station, texas.

The buck weighed 225 lbs, has 20 pts and scored 231.

This bruiser is entered into the TGR scoring/records system, but will not know how this deer rates until 2017.


- Mark

Ready For The Shot...

I've now been hunting for more than 50 years, and one thing I learned at a very early age was to be "ready for the shot".

This meant, hunt with the very finest equipment I could get my hands on.

If I missed a shot I didn't want to think it could have been caused by any of my gear.

"Eliminate that factor...excuses just aren't worth very much."

Today, I still subscribe to that motto. And annually hunt varmints in at least 5-6 states and Canadian Provinces.

I shoot Kelbly Rifles topped with the March scopes knowing that after the shot, If I'm not skinning, fault could be nothing other than my own!

- Dean Ziegler

2016 GRRC State Champion

Thank you Kelbly’s for getting my actions to me on time. Ryan chambered up the barrel and had the rifle bedded and ready for me in record time. I had very little load development time. But it did the job this weekend at grrc [harris mn]. Ended up winning the match with a rifle I’ve only had for a week. I couldn’t be more pleased with how smooth the panda is compared to my other customs.

I’ll be shooting the pandas from now on.

Thank’s again.

- Pat scully

2015 600 yard Nationals

Thanks for a great Panda Krieger combo!

It did me well.

- Dannie Wake

2015 Missouri F-Class Championship

With your Panda F-Class action and X-Eater stock, I managed to win F-T/R, by two X’s! Needless to say, as the match progressed and it appeared that I may be in contention to win it, a lot of the guys started asking questions about my beautiful rifle, which also shoots straight!

Thank you for all your help, your customer service, and for your great products!

Alexander Müller

2015 NBRSA 600 Yard Champion

Shooting in his first NBRSA 600 yard match, Mike Nagengast shot a record tying 147-5x on day two to come from mid pack to win the light gun score championship.

His self built 6mm Dasher features a Kelbly’s Atlas action mounted in a Kelbly’s 1M stock with a 28” Kreiger 1/8 barrel, Timney trigger, and a Nightforce 15-55x competition scope. His load was Bart’s new 105 gr bullets in Lapua based cases, CCI 450 primers and RL15 powder. He also shot high single target score, light gun, in the 1000 yd match with a 49-3x. Mike just joined NBRSA this year. The National matches were held from June 8 thru June 12 at the Colorado Rifle Club in Byers Colorado.

Successful Hunt in Greenland

Hello Ian,

I send a few photos from a successful hunt in Greenland.
Muskox hunting, fox and hare.

Muskox - hunting distance 420m (460 yards)
Fox - hunting distance 485m (530 yards)
Hare - hunting distance 300m (330 yards)

The temperature fell to -30 ° C (-22 ° F) and Kelbly rifle 6.5x47 Lapua and scopes March 3-24x52 FFP worked without any problem. I am me and my clients very happy with your products - it's the best I've ever used. I am honored to be able to use your rifles.


Mike Youngblood

I am 61 years old and decided to try my hand at long range bench rest. Your rifle provided the attached results, I fired 2 round to sight at 100yds, 5 sighters for the match , and the next 5 rounds produced a 3.158 group at 1000 yards. I shot on April 25 in Match 7 at Cool Acres near Swainsboro Georgia to win the group, over the next closest competitor by only a few thousands of an inch. This was my first time to shoot competitively in an IBS match and actually joined that day before the match. I owe a great deal of thanks to Darrell Jones of DJ’s brass service for Hydraulically forming my dasher cases from Lapua gold box 6 BR. With Darrell’s help and others by showing me how to set up my rest and many other helpful hints, I look forward to a lot more fun with this sport.

I am sure there was a great deal of beginners luck involved here but I believe the rifle proved its capability, I just hope I can repeat my luck as the trigger puller.