Custom Rifle Actions from Kelbly RIfles - North Lawrence Ohio
Custom Aluminum Rifle Actions from Kelbly Rifles - North Lawrence, Ohio
The use of aluminum in rifle actions has been the ultimate goal of many people for a number of decades. First developed by Ralph W. Stolle in the late 60’s and the early 70’s, the Stolle line of actions emerged after many changes in design and techniques. The rigidity and lightweight characteristics are highly desirable features, a must in today’s competitive benchrest rifles. Made entirely of 7075-T651 aircraft aluminum and 4140 alloy steel, they insure the optimum in stiffness and durability.

The Panda action pictured here gives a good view of the steel insert used in the thread/locking lug area.

All aluminum models are of the square, flat-bottomed design to give a much greater and longer-lasting bedding area, which is desirable in precision rifles. Lightness in weight affords the use of heavier and stiffer barrels as well as aiding in balance. All models employ an integral full-length dovetail on the top. This rib serves a dual purpose — added basic stiffness, plus built-in high precision scope mount bases.
The Kelbly Rifles Panda Action The Panda (shown above)

The Panda action was the first of the aluminum actions designed by Ralph W. Stolle and to this day is still the most popular action built by Kelbly’s Inc.

Most suited for the Light Varmint and Sporter classes in benchrest, it is also an excellent choice for a Heavy Varmint class rifle, for a barrel-clamped Unlimited rifle, and for a single shot live varmint rifle.

The Panda is available in either standard length or .850 inches longer with an integral recoil lug. Optional with the Panda is a micro port in right bolt/left full size or Shorty main port, left bolt/right full size or Shorty main port, right bolt/right Shorty main port or left bolt/left Shorty main port configurations. The Panda with a Shorty main port has a shorter bolt travel for faster shooting.

Kelbly Rifles Panda Action - Info The F - Class Panda Action from Kelbly Rifles - North Lawrence, Ohio
The F-Class Panda (shown above)

The F-Class Panda actions are a Panda variation designed for long range shooting. The dovetail or Picatinny rail is tilted 0°20’ to compensate for bullet drop at greater distances. The F-Class Panda also includes an integral recoil lug to make it more suitable for use of larger calibers.

Kelbly Rifles - F Class Panda Action Info The Big Bore Panda Action from Kelbly Rifles - North Lawrence Ohio
The Big Bore Panda (shown above)

The Big Bore Panda and Long Big Bore Panda actions are derivative of the standard Panda action and are designed for those competitors who need to use either a dovetail or side plate mounted ironsight. The Big Bore Panda’s ribs are available in a narrower 60° dovetail or in a Picatinny style rail. The rib also can be parallel to the bore or with a0° 20’ tilt for long range use. The 60° dovetail has been narrowed to accept an Anshütz style iron sight. A side mount has been integrated into the design for a Redfield/Warner style sight as shown above. Since these rifles usually use larger calibers than the standard benchrest rifles, an integrated recoil lug has also been added to increase the recoil area. The Big Bore Panda Action Specs from Kelbly Rifles - North Lawrence Ohio Kelbly Rifles - Kodiak Rifle Action
The Kodiak (shown above)

The standard Kodiak model is designed for the Hunter benchrest class. It is smaller in cross-section than the Panda and can contain a magazine port that will accept a small Remington 700 type of magazine or one of the newer extended length magazines.

The Long Kodiak was developed to allow extraction of a live 7mm Mag. or similar length cartridge. This action will accept a long Remington 700 magazine or one of the newer extended length magazines.

Both actions have an integral recoil lug and are available with or without a magazine. The extended magazine actions have standard trigger cross pins, while the single shot and standard magazine actions have a trigger bracket that accepts Remington style triggers. They make excellent actions for use in hunting rifles. If the magazine is not just to be used to meet Hunter benchrest rules and is to be actually used, then the action needs to be ordered with a flat bolt for more reliable cartridge feeding. To have a reliably feeding magazine, the action should be ordered with a flat bolt.

Kelbly Rifles - Kodiak Action Information
Kelbly Rifles - Atlas Action The Atlas (shown above)

The Atlas action is a Remington Semi-clone action, featuring a side bolt release and trigger hanger. This action can be easily fitted to any Remington 700/40x stock or chassis system with very little modification. The Atlas is made to extreme tolerances never heard of in a normal Remington action. The rear base is on a level plane with the front base, making it easier to have accurate alignment of optics.

Made of 416RS this action is very rugged and reliable. The bolt is made in house with 4140 alloy steel. We have designed the action to accept the AICS magazine boxes. We will accommodate the .223 and .222 rounds with a special magazine cut-out, please request if you intend to use one of these cartridges.

We use a 2-pin recoil lug on all Atlas actions, making a "bind" less likely to happen when changing barrels. Options for this action are single shot, magazine, fluted bolts, TG or Remington ejectors, and they are available in long or short action lengths.

Kelbly Rifles - Atlas Action Information

The Tactical Atlas (Shown Above)

The Atlas Tactical Action is built by shooters for shooters. We have taken the advice from top tactical shooters and turned those ideas into an ultra rugged and reliable action. We start with our in house manufactured Atlas Action, made in Ohio from All-American Metal and turn it into a dirt eating machine. We have opened the action tolerances up to .005” bolt to body clearance to allow bind free use of the bolt, even in the grimiest of conditions. We then flute the bolt body, so that all that dirt and grime has a place to go while cycling the bolt.

The Atlas Tactical also has a brand new feature, a 20 MOA pinned Picatinny Rail making it impossible to have any error in the base screws. We have also upgraded the bolt stop pin, so that even the hardest hits while cycling the bolt are not a problem. The Atlas Tactical comes standard with our TG Mechanical Ejector, Dual Pin Recoil Lug, American Precision Arms Tactical Bolt Knob, and a magazine that accepts both the AICS and AW Magazines. To top it all off we use H& M Metal Processing’s BlackNitride coating, raising the surface hardness and making it possible to run your action dry. No lubrication is required, reducing grit and grime that sticks to oils and grease.

This is the culmination of accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness.